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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Chosen Path

Spartacus is driven by his purpose in life, which, pushes him beyond humanly limits and expectations.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Proverbs 3:6 - In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. 

   I am a huge fan of the Starz network drama series Spartacus. During their escape from slavery, Spartacus and his fellow gladiators had an important decision to make. Having just killed their slave master (Lentulus Batiatus) and several key Roman leaders, they were free of bondage and servitude. They could leave Rome and try to rebuild the lives they previously enjoyed or they could join Spartacus. By joining Spartacus, they would be risking their lives to free other slaves and have to share food and living quarters with strangers. As Robert Frost romanticized, there arrives a time in each of our lives where we must choose a path to take. Despite their better judgment, many of the former slaves decided to join Spartacus in his cause.

   For us in modern society, that complicated decision may be between having children or traveling the world, attending law school or joining Teach for America, or dropping out of college or signing a recording contract. Regardless of the specifics, we all arrive at this point in our respective lives. As difficult as these decisions are, looking back, things work themselves out. We cringe change, but some how, some way, we adjust. We stay in jobs too long out of the fear of uncertainty. We stay in careers too long because of our fear of instability. We accept the status quo (I don't) because we fear being outcasted or criticized. 

   I challenge you to face your fears. Our lives are predestined by God. We were all created with purpose. Thus, we should live purposeful lives. Pray, meditate, participate in fellowship, and learn about God. Establishing a strong relationship with our Creator may en graph a spirit of prosperity, success, purpose, favor, entrepreneurship, and more. 

   Regardless of your upbringing, the lack of family support you receive, or your socioeconomic status, by building your spirituality, you will find your purpose. Finding your purpose clarifies your past, your talents, and your future. That should give you reason to celebrate. You know why you were created and why God gave you the talents he did give you. Now it’s your responsibility to accept this purpose and hone your talents towards fulfilling your life’s purpose. 

   There is nothing sadder than watching someone spend their entire life working in an area that is not their respective purpose. That person appears to be successful, but he or she is not successful. True success should be in your area(s) of purpose. It’s why you were created. That’s why NFL star Tim Tebow can’t accept playing any position other than quarterback. He believes his purpose in the NFL is to use his talents as a quarterback to win and to spread his love for Christ while doing so. Whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant. The point is to find your purpose and use your interests, talents, and goals to fulfill that purpose. You must invest everything into honing your talents and maximizing your potential. 

   Subsequently, we all have a chosen path in life. That is our purpose. Thus if you build your spirituality with God, your problems and concerns diminish. They don’t matter as much, because you are connected to something greater than your city, your residence, your job, etc. If you desire to become successful and to achieve great things, you need inner greatness. That greatness comes from developing a deep understanding of your existence. By developing your spirit, you influence your mind. By shaping your mind positively and progressively, your enlightenment begins to show. That's why I stopped worrying about common adult problems (what car I drove, how high is my credit score, should we find a bigger house, etc.). I knew that with faith, optimism, and clear thinking that I possessed the power to accomplish anything. By knowing my purpose and choosing to accept that purpose, I have chosen my path. Are you ready to choose yours?

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