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Friday, May 25, 2012

It is okay to fire your boss and employer

If your current job or organization is not right for you, get out!  Now! But wait, you say that you have bills, well then you should begin to plan an exit strategy now.  

Identify your talents, dreams, and personality traits.  What are your three strongest areas of competency?  Revise your resume to reflect those competencies and be able to tell your story on why you are awesome.  Start researching companies you would love to work for, identifying 30-40 organizations.  Do further research and find out the names and titles of the hiring managers in your respective city.  Next, send an introduction letter that allows the hiring manager to know who you are.  After that, send your resume and cover letter to the hiring personnel a week after you have sent your letter.  The next step is to contact the hiring personnel by phone.  Ask for an interview.  Do further research about the company and be able to state how you fit in that organization and be knowledgeable about their products, service, failures and successes.  After the interview if you are still interested, send a thank you letter and continue to follow up until a decision has been rendered.  

That is how you fire your boss.

Regardless of the economy, outstanding organizations are always looking for outstanding talent.  Is that you?  If so, if your boss is a jerk, if your company promises one thing but breaks that promise, you have the option to leave.  John G. Miller, popular speaker and author, states either "believe or leave."  Thus if you do not believe that your current job is a good fit or that your boss is a good leader, you have the option to leave.  No one makes you work there.  Be accountable for your life.  This is your journey, your happiness, your health, and your life.  Accountability is an empowering act and process.  Take a risk in your life; express how you feel in your organization.  If you are not happy, express it, and find out if you can change your working conditions.  If you cannot, fire your boss and employer.  Success is designed, created, and reached by you, and only you (with recognition to God).  

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