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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stop settling

 Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images


     If we do not do anything with our lives as students and young professionals, we must do one thing: take action. Simply having a vision for greatness is not enough. 

Learning is great. I do it frequently. But simply reading new books, listening to more podcasts, and taking new classes eventually reaches pointless abyss if you are not applying that information to life.  Do not be afraid to fail.  The most successful people in our society have failed multiple times.  Oprah dropped out of college and begun her career as a entry-level news reporter. Barack Obama lost his first campaign in the state of Illinois. Will Smith nearly went bankrupt after beginning his rap career. Jay-Z did not release his first album until he was well into his late 20s, and that album barely sold anything in its first years of existence. Point being, you do not need permission to make your life better.  

Your destiny lives within your hands. If you have a business idea, write a business plan today. If you want to write a book, start a blog writing about the subject matter of your future classic. If you want to sing or rap, start looking for producers or learn how to play an instrument. Subsequently, we only have one life to live. Be proactive towards reaching your dreams and visions. No one owes you anything and no one will give you a handout. You have to work towards success, aggressively.  

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