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Friday, June 1, 2012

Career tools: Sample resume featuring top three competencies

Here is an excellent sample resume, slightly revised from its original format, that I advocated for in previous posts including the creative job search process.  Remember you have to be able to sell yourself, promote yourself, and tell your story.  In an interview, you tell your story verbally, but, before you get to that stage, you have to attract the interest of the hiring personnel.  A resume like this does just that.  The overall design is conservative, nothing fancy.  I begin the resume with a career objective clearly summarizing my three competencies.  Under each specific competency, I list my previous tasks with previous companies, organizations, or positions.  Second, I chronologically go back about 10 years to share my work history.  Third, I share my education, only listing my actual degrees earned and currently in progress.  Lastly, I inform the potential employer that my references are available upon request.  

So here's your challenge:  What are your three greatest skills (competencies)?  What do you love doing and want to 100 percent continue doing?  This is how you build work you love.  You will not look or accept a job that is not aligned with your interests, values, goals, and dreams.  After you pinpoint those three key skills, immediately revise your resume to reflect your story, your values, your interests, and your goals.  Cheers to doing work that we love.


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