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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pitching your tent in the land of hope

Acts 2:26  "I've pitched my tent in the land of hope..."

The world renowned minister and inspirational speaker and author Joel Osteen stated the following:  
“ God has put promises in every heart.  You have dreams and desires, things you want to accomplish, situations you want to see changed.  But so often you gave up on those dreams, because it took so long, or because you tried and failed, or because you went through a disappointment, or because somebody didn’t treat you right.”  

I have a dream to be a holistically successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author.  I want to help others find their own dreams and break free of the full-time employee slavery bondage.  I want to write like no one else has written.  I desire to speak like no orator before me.  These our the dreams buried deep inside of my soul, my conscience, and my being.  

I am only 28 years of age.  I have not given up on those dreams thanks to the wisdom God allowed me to come across through reading various books, discovering helpful podcasts, and exploring the world wide web.  My knowledge has blossomed to the point that I could not possibly be happy being complacent doing work that did not match my dreams, values, and personality.  

But you and I are not the same.  Have you already given up on your dreams?  You may be younger than I so perhaps you feel like time is on your side.  Thus, you are delaying your dreams.  Naysayers think bloggers like I speak unrealistically of living a lifestyle only reserved for the rich.  If that is so, then how has Bill Gates become one of the world’s wealthiest men without a college degree?  How did Steve Jobs get fired from the company he founded only to return as an interim CEO and spearhead evergreen technology that changed our lives for the better?  How did Oprah Winfrey escape the depths of poverty and mediocracy without a college education to become one of the most influential business leaders in history?  Do you think that Oprah wanted to give in because she is a woman, because she is Black, or because she came from nothing?  And what about the millions of successful small-business owners and self-employed Americans who are living rich, fulfilling, spiritual lives?

Following a dream and building perseverance to overcome the many obstacles that life throws you is what separates you from the have-nots.  So, you have the opportunity to decide if you will hone your skills, if you will stand out as an individual, and if you will follow your dreams.  If you are being authentic to yourself, how can you be a failure?  That is impossible if you consider that logic reasonably.  For example, I love to write, and I work diligently at becoming a better writer.  I write for various online publications and do some freelance writing.  I started a online writing service back in 2010.  I have taught writing at the high school and middle school levels.  I enjoy writing hip-hop music filled with soul and spoken word prowess.  By doing something I love, how can I be considered a failure?  If I keep at this dream, this goal, and this skill, the sky is literally the limit.  The possibilities for me to earn unlimited income, spend time with family, and succeed in other areas of my life are increased each day that I walk in faith and act.  

There are so many people that possess unique capabilities that fail to use them.  For example, your talent is in public speaking, but you went to college for accountancy and spend 50 hours a week crunching numbers into a spreadsheet.  You have to be bored out of your mind.  You are not living.  The axiom and paradigm of the United States is wrong.  Earning a college degree, working at a job that will bring you income, and living a life that is not filled with love, excitement, God, health, and lifelong learning is not living.  Why do we, Americans, value the name of a pricey Ivy League university?  Why do we stress ourselves out to earn a paycheck to pay for things that do not make us happy?  

I am not advocating for you to live a life as a minimalist.  Rather, I am challenging you to be yourself in every single thing that you do.  Do not settle for peanuts.  You can earn more money, flexibility, and opportunities by following the dreams that God has instilled in you.  By learning yourself, questioning your purpose, and developing a plan to do work that you love, you can live a life like no one else.  Just because your prayers have not been answered yet, that does not mean that you should settle or be complacent.  God is a faithful God.  He will provide you the necessary tools and resources to fulfill your dreams and calling.  But first, you must act on faith and do.  If you want to write a book, write a book.  What are you waiting for?  If you want to be a singer, start singing.  The technology today allows you to utilize an Apple laptop complete with software that professional singers utilize daily.  Opportunity is possible and infinite.  If you want to predict your future, you have to create it.  Now.  

Finally, I failed at several business ventures.  I have lost a lot of money in the process.  But would I rather work a single full-time job barely making $40 grand a year for the rest of my life or would I continue to swing at the fence for that financial home run that I know I am destined for and worthy of?  I am swinging for the fence and beyond.  I have been mistreated by several bosses and self-proclaimed leaders.  Am I bitter towards their management style and horrible demeanor?  Absolutely not.  They taught me how to not manage people and operate a business.  Through their errors, I have become a better leader.  As a believer, I let God handle my minor challenges and setbacks.  My energy and heart are focused on progress and prosperity.  I could care less for a majority of my former employers.  They were not a part of my destiny.  So I thank them for the negative experiences that dramatically shaped and molded my thinking, perspective and ambition.  Without those experiences, I would not be on the right path towards holistic happiness and freedom.  In God’s name, in Jesus’s name, I break that bondage and march towards excellence.  Come join me.  We will always have a fall back, even in a bad economy, non-exceptional companies are always hiring.

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  1. all good things take time and lots of patience. Perseverance is a must.