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Sunday, June 24, 2012

We can all be Limitless like Edward Morra

"I wasn't high. I wasn't wired. Just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it."

Limitless featuring Bradley Cooper of The Hangover fame is one of my favorite movies. Why? It inspires me. I can relate to it even though I do not have a magical tablet, NZT, to allow me to learn a new language in 48 hours, turn $12,000 to $2.5 million dollars at a day brokerage firm or write a complex sci-fiction novel.  

We all start out as losers
Well not exactly, but you can relate to how Edward Morra, a down-on-his-luck writer with a serious case of writer's block, divorced, and without his long-time girlfriend.  The guy lives in a small, messy apartment, needs a haircut immediately, and lacks drive. Lesson learned: We all go through difficult periods in life.  But, regardless of your current job or income, recognize that what's happening now in your life is temporary. Greatness is around the corner. Just as we are ready to give up, that is when our moment of success is coming; you have to be patient.  

We all find our calling someday
With the usage of NZT, Morra begins working out, gets a makeover, and starts networking with movers and shakers in the city. His newfound confidence is based on his self-efficacy. He knows he is very intelligent and not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. While hanging out with friends overseas, he races a friend's Maserati alongside a beautiful bombshell. Then, he jumps over a cliff into water. As he arises from his dive, he finds himself in the zone where God speaks to him. He realizes that his purpose on Earth is bigger than being a writer. He decides that he has the mental capability and learning ability to make profit in a down market. Thus, while everyone is struggling in the economy, he distinguishes himself with his profitability. That makes him remarkable. Lesson learned: Regardless of your job, income, or social network, live a lot, be uncomfortable, travel, and do something different. Exercise. Try a new resume.  Visit a new city. Read a book for a different genre. Talk to strangers. During those times of leisure, you may find that calling from God or that billion dollar idea. Creativity sparks during times of fun, family, and laughter. Look for opportunities to separate yourself from the everyone else. Make yourself remarkable and be able to promote your uniqueness.  

Obstacles will come
Through his brief success, Morra faced several conflicts: Morra's safety was threatened by different criminals, he was a prime suspect for murder, and the side effects of NZT made him physically sick. Despite these obstacles, Morra used precise critical thinking ability to overcome these challenges. Lesson learned: What are the problems and obstacles in your life?  Have you thoroughly analyzed your available options? Try to be creative in brainstorming possible solutions to obstacles that seem overwhelming. Seek and use traditional and nontraditional resources.  

Consequently, Morra erred by trying to get rich quick by playing the stock market. Although he was initially successful, his luck emptied once his pills were stolen.  There are two evergreen lessons I extracted from watching this movie repeatedly. 1) Never give up.  Just when you think your life is a waste, an opportunity may arise that catapults you into the life you want to live and the success you've always dreamed of. 2) Never be dependent on any single thing (or person or place especially a company). Morra's over reliance on NZT made him very vulnerable. He had to learn how to appropriately take it by balancing his dosage with exercise and proper nutrition. If you do not have the career you want now, so what.  

Take initiative today by gaining success in all areas of your life, not just work.  How strong is your spirituality, family relationships, physical health, mental health, creativity, knowledge, etc.?  Success in multiple areas of life will lead to success in all areas. Be a well-balanced human being.  Do not be easily influenced by Western hemisphere philosophy that the "American Dream" can only be reached through 50-hour work weeks, multiple jobs, Fortune 500 promotions, etc.  There are a million ways to success, prosperity, and independence.  Do not conform and follow that single traditional, widely-believed path that we were all taught.  Be your own unique individual. You can find your calling in life by being authentic to yourself. Focus on the life you want to live, and select any career(s) in accordance to your life and lifestyle. And by following this philosophy, we can all be happier, healthier individuals prepared for lifelong success that is Limitless.  

Points to remember:

  • By the end of the film, Morra was no longer using NZT. But he was still functioning at a high intellectual level, because he learned to balance his life and to be alert to everything.  His creativity and mental awareness led him to public office. Thus, be open to all possibilities in problem solving, critical thinking, and career opportunities. Be creative in finding work you love and in creating work you love.
  • Do not be 100 percent dependent on anything. Balance your life well in several areas. Strive for success outside of work. Consider not working a single full-time job that accounts for 100 percent of your income. That makes you very vulnerable to a simple decision by a sole company. This is what my future e-book is about, a la "diversify your portfolio." Here is some information on generating multiple income streams I previously wrote.
  • Be persistent in reaching your goals. Big dreams are not realized over night. Consistent, daily achievements and accomplishments lead to big goals being fulfilled. "Chunk" the tasks at hand to continuously move closer to success. For example, I am working on two e-books, thus I have to balance my time daily to write, research, and brainstorm for each individual task. If I was not making daily progress, my books would never be created and my dreams would never be reached. Start making progress today.  
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  1. Leonard, this reminds of a prayer by Joyce Meyers:Jesus, even though I don't always feel like it and life tries to get me to quit, I believe You have a great plan for my life. I choose to trust You to help me live the dream You've given me more than I trust my circumstances. Very encouraging words Leonard!!