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Monday, June 4, 2012

Traits of truly productive people... High achievers

Recently, Dan Miller on his weekly 48 Days podcast, shared valuable information regarding high achievers and what separates them from the pack.  
  1. Access to counsel:  Attend workshops, hire a business coach, find seminars, basically high achievers look for ways to improve their knowledge base.  
  2. Connections and collaborations:  Bounce ideas off of high achievers.  That is exactly why I am developing a Master Minds group in Memphis, TN.  Look to develop one in your city or reach out to me if you are in the greater Memphis area.
  3. They take breaks.  They do not work long, boring, repetitive hours.  Success does not correlate to long hours.  I guess that means I should not consider taking a potential sales job that will require six days of work and five 11-hour days.  Many great ideas come during relaxed periods.  That is exactly why I am focused on creating work that reflects the life I want to live, not the other way around.
  4. Lives outside of work:  Many high achievers live very active lives outside of work.  They are jumping out of planes, rubbing elbows with celebrities, surfing, playing flag football, volunteering as a referee for a youth basketball league, taking cooking lessons, raising a beautiful family, playing chess, etc.  They read great books like Tony Dungy's  Quiet Strength - Religious & Spiritual Books. Be active in your life.  Work is a small component of authentic, holistic success.  
  5. Strategies and systems:  Focus, plan, clarity, and execute; high achievers are not waiting for the economy to get better.  They are not asking for approval.  They are not going back to school to earn another degree.  They are not begging the bank for a loan.  They are focusing on an idea, creating a plan of action, asking the right questions to develop clarity, and executing that focused plan to reach success.  You can do the same.

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  1. Having an organized mind and the hard work that comes with is the path to achieve you goals. Here i some more info on why people achieve.