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Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest post: Building a Legacy, One CAMEO at a Time

To further encourage readers and supporters of this blog, I wanted to expose you to creative income generators and micro-business owners doing work they love.  Know that if you follow the creative job search process or the micro-business model, you too can be doing work you love.  With that said, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mines, and a former client of my writing consultancy business, Tymille Baker.  Tymille is an overall awesome person, beautiful mother of twins, a former teacher, and an entrepreneur.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She runs an upscale event coordinating and marketing firm, Cameo Ventures, LLC.  She is super talented and dedicated to help others in their event planning and marketing needs.  Follow her on Twitter at @Cameoventures.

I was teaching high school math at my alma mater, Pebblebrook High School, when I decided to step out on Faith and pursue my dream of using my marketing degree and creative blood to build a legacy from my own event planning business.  I was halfway through my 4th year teaching there when a church family member (and the only black member of my school district's school board) lectured me about NOT using my "obvious God-given talent" and going after what I really want despite conventional wisdom.

As a spiritual person--and believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, once I realized it was nothing but fear that was keeping me in this "secure" position, I began to pray over it, cry over it, talk over it (with the right people), and listen for His guidance.  It was after a painful and obvious (metaphorical) slap in the face that I realized God had been trying to tell me I had stayed in my post past my season--that I really should not have returned that school year, but I did so despite several reservations.  So as torn as I was to leave my students mid-school year, I resigned with plenty of notice...then called my replacement and team teachers to check in on my students, created a Facebook page to keep in touch with them, and went back to visit just before their finals.  I missed them, they begged me to return; but I couldn't--I have a calling and purpose to walk boldly in, and that is what drives me each day to continue building my legacy to the glory and honor of God--who placed this path before MY feet.
I have several years of event planning experience, both voluntarily and corporately.  Prior to founding CAMEO Ventures, my biggest position/event--and the one that sparked my desire to keep doing events--was Player Coordinating the American Century Championship of 2005... NBC Sports' annual celebrity golf tournament.  Working with the likes of Mike Milthorpe, Dick Ebersol, Kevin Monaghan, Don Cheadle, Jerry Rice, and all those involved was a great joy and experience.  I learned a lot that I could couple with my marketing degree and natural creativity to mark the beginnings of a dream that is now CAMEO Ventures.  But soon after my position there, I became pregnant with twins--a high risk pregnancy that placed me on strict bed-rest and unemployment!  

After recovering and becoming a single mother of two, I bounced back by entering the education field.  I got my first teaching position with no experience and no certification (yet)--something that thing called conventional wisdom would not have advised possible.  But it was nothing but God's favor that lead me in that path as it does now with my purpose of planning events that all will love and none will forget.  So, I stand on God's promise and my dreams.  My faith, my children, my dreams, and our future are what motivate me each day to keep going...even when it gets very tough, and it does!
My advice to anyone wanting to go against the grain and build their own business is to do your research before during and after you originate your company.  Know why you are doing it, don't stray from that purpose despite nay-sayers or genuine difficulties--a movement without purpose will reach a point of permanent stand-still.  Surround yourself with those of not only "like mind", but those who are where you are trying to go!  Be careful who you speak of your dreams to: not everyone is built to handle and support an idea they can't fathom or are too scared to believe in.

Like my God's word says, "write it down and make it plain"--your business foundation and goals, that is...for the start up, the 1st year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years.  This would include, but is not limited to a formal executive business plan.  You won't ever be able to convince someone else (friend, family-member, potential partner, customer, client, investor, lender, sponsor, celebrity spokesperson, etc.) of the success your idea will generate if you can't explain it eloquently and accurately.  Study, Start, Stay Steadfast.  Build a brand, and network network network.
CAMEO Ventures is an upscale event coordinating and marketing firm based in the heart of Atlanta, GA.  We provide event planning, coordinating, logistics, consulting, marketing research, branding, social media management, and more.  Our mission stands on the premise of applying our company's great detail orientation, excellent aesthetic vision, and original creative passion to help our clients step “outside the box” and enjoy watching a masterpiece unfold on their behalf. We aim to create memorable moments that will benefit both our client and the global community.

The CAMEO vision strives to authenticate multifaceted events that surpass the outlook, originality, and outcome of its predecessors by Creating Authentic Moments for Every Occasion.

C reating
A uthentic
M oments for
E very
O ccasion  

In doing so, "We'll create *The Perfect CAMEO* for you!"--no matter if the momentous occasion is a simple event to raise funds for a local charitable cause, or a multifaceted showcase to cross-market and celebrate several entertainers' business ventures.

I'm no expert, but I've learned a lot since originating my business almost a year ago.  Some good and some bad.  All worthwhile and part of the story I look forward to telling when I look back and say "I did that; my God IS able!"
Tymille Baker,
Founder & Chief Coordinator
CAMEO Ventures, LLC


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