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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why you are better suited as an employee

The majority of content contained on this website is about entrepreneurship, self-employment, multiple streams of income, and related material.  However, not everyone is suited or comfortable with doing things on their own.  That's okay.  There is no right or wrong answer.  You have the option to follow your dreams and passions through the creative job search process if you take it seriously.  This particular article will focus on reasons why you should work for someone instead of venturing out on your own.

  • You do not need autonomy.  However you are genetically or psychologically structured, you do not need the feeling of being the boss (not the supervisor but the legitimate play caller).  You take orders well and enjoy being under the supervision of other professionals.
  • You need structure.  You need someone to pay you for your time.  You are comfortable making a limited amount of money per week, per month, and per year.  You need a company to motivate you on your tasks, schedule, and performance.  
  • You lack structure.  If you are always late to school or work, you probably would not fair too well in your own business.  By having someone tell you when to arrive at work and when to go home, you have a support system keeping you accountable.  
  • You are scared to get clients.  Any business, micro-business, or self-employment requires being proactive in building a clientele.  Through marketing and personality, many entrepreneurs have to be out-going and friendly in order to attract people to their respective business.  This can be time-consuming and mentally draining on a daily basis.  If you work for an organization, more than likely, the clients are already there.  As long as your company has customers to serve, your expected salary will continue to come.  
  • You feel like you lack the skills to be successful in your own business.  When you operate a business, you control the marketing, accounting, inventory, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, technology, administration, customer service, sales and more.  If you work for a company as an employee, you do not have to worry about anything other than doing your job.  That makes your life simple.  
Why do you continue to work for organizations and companies?  What makes you want to be there?  Comment below.  

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