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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing yourself, an unique strategy towards work you love

Sample introduction letter; idea credited to Dan Miller of
A useful marketing principle that can be applied to finding work you love is by sending targeted companies an introduction letter.  The introduction letter is created to gain the attention and memory of hiring personnel.  After you identify your three areas of competency, craft your resume, oral story, and cover letter, you need to craft an introduction letter that identifies three things.  Remember, every component of the creative job search process is a part of your story.  Always be true to your story.  For example, my story is that I love writing since I was a child.  My resume, cover letter, and interview individually tell the same story in different ways.  Here are the three things your introduction letter must address:

  1. What is your current situation and goals?  Be specific.
  2. What's special about you?  Be specific.  
  3. What are your next steps?  Let the hiring personnel know that you will be sending a physical copy of your resume within a few days.  How could they not remember you?  Exactly.  That's the point.
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