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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Put your money where you mind is

A lot of people claim they want to live better lives.  They pray, encourage others to have faith, and sustain a successful, optimistic persona.  But deep down, they know they still have a lot of work to do.  However, the words they communicate and the actions they take are two different things.  In the words of Barry White, people should "practice what they preach."  

Are you practicing what you preach?  Are you really looking for your dream career or job?  Are you truly focused on success?  More importantly, are you working towards holistic success?  Let me share what I have spent my dollars on recently.

  • Spent $299 on 99Designs to create the book design for my e-book My Flexibility Manifesto:  Following my passion 2 success.  
  • Spent $50 on a networking opportunity for July 20th-July 22nd called Startup Memphis. This event will allow me the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, young professionals, and creative thinkers.  Additionally, it will allow me to collaborate with others to help develop my own business ideas.  
  • Spent $50 on a membership to Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals.  This is a community service organization in Memphis, Tennessee that enables networking between young professionals.  As a young entrepreneur, freelance writer, professional blogger, and MBA student from Milwaukee, can you see how this is a valuable opportunity for someone like myself?  Remember I spent a majority of my time in Memphis in the classroom as a graduate student and a special education teacher.  As I look to switch industries, I have a lot to learn and could use the valuable advice and companionship of like-minded professionals in the area.  
  • Spent $6 to join the Dollar Shave Club.  This is a time saver as I automatically receive my shaving equipment at the beginning of every month.  It works like clock work.  I can keep a professional look at all times.  And I do not have to rush to the store to buy equipment last minute.  This is the philosophy of Tim Ferris's Four Hour Work Week; automate your life.  
  • Spent $6 to subscribe to the local newspaper's, Commercial Appeal, Sunday only delivery.  The Sunday edition is the largest, and most informative edition than any other day of the newspaper.  From extensive editorials to a larger business section, I generate a lot of ideas and savings from reading the Sunday edition.  This saves me $2.00 a month and this saves me time.  Automation.
  • Spent $14.41 on Eric Ries's The Lean Startup.  I read the first half of the book before I sold it on Amazon.  I actually only paid $4.41.  I used a $10 gift card I received from USA Today for an article contribution.  I sold the book for $10.00.  This book was a dry read for me but it improved my knowledge base.
  • Spent $34.95 on a subscription to Success Magazine.  I usually buy this magazine at my local Barnes and Noble but I wanted to continue to automate my life while saving a lot of money.  More importantly, I am continuing to feed my knowledge base more complex information to grow as a person, professional, writer, Christian, business man, student, etc.  Other magazines I recommend for anyone looking to create their own dream job or to generate multiple streams of income is Fast Company, Inc., Money, Time, and Enterprise.
What you need to do:
  • Automate.  Find ways to save yourself time.  Sometimes I order takeout because I rather spend more time with my family then to go shop for groceries, prepare the food, cook the food, serve the food, eat the food, and clean the kitchen.  What ways can you automate your life to balance your busy schedule and to make life easier, smoother?  By having things automatically delivered to your home can save on time and money, both valuable assets to have.
  • Buy information.  If you hope to grow in business, life, school, relationships, etc., you have to constantly feed your intelligence.  From listening to podcasts to reading, you can substantially enhance your knowledge and expertise on various subjects by exposing yourself to new complex information.  There are new books of high quality in many areas constantly being released.  Do not be afraid to expose yourself to that new knowledge.  If you don't like the book, read half of it, take notes, and sell it on Amazon.  Lastly, magazines are filled with great ideas that could lead to your dream job or next business opportunity.  What do you have to lose?  A few dollars.  You spend that on McDonalds three times per week or more.  Focus your dollars to improve your life.
  • Spend on networking.  Networking is the best opportunity to find your dream job, enhance your current business, or to develop a network that can aid you in the future.  Great friendships and relationships can develop through networking.  The best marketing derives from networking.  Stop spending money on advertising.  Start spending on joining networking events and organizations.  If you are genuine and sincere, people will be attracted to you and any product or business you are selling.  Remember to get a dream job, you are selling yourself.  You never know who has a connection at one of your targeted companies.  
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