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Sunday, July 1, 2012

How much does it take to get you to stop doing work you HATE?

Recently I was watching Arthur with my family on HBO.  The synopsis of the story is about a very wealthy man who never fully matured into a competent working adult or business guru.  His family's business is worth billions and he has an inheritance of $950 million.  I commented to my wife that I would not need that much $ to permanently change our lives or our family's wealth for generations.  My magic number...  $9.5 million, exactly ten percent of Arthur's inheritance.  

"I would still work. I would not spend most of it.  We could live off the interest. What would you do?"  I asked Princess.
"I would do work that I love."  she calmly replied.
Boom.  That is it.  Is the only thing that is keeping you away from doing work you love $9.5 million dollars?  Is it more $?  Is it less?  What's your magic number?  What will it take for you to step away from that dreadful job of yours that pays you barely enough to live on every two weeks?  

Keep in mind that about 64 percent of businesses started within the past year and a half were created with $5,000 or less.  The $5,000 was the exception and not the rule.  As The $100 Start Up and No More Mondays clearly prove, there are thousands of businesses started in this country every month that do not require large start-up capital or angel investors.  I started my own writing service with $60, a laptop I already owned, electronic and physical research resources I already had access to, an APA style manual, wireless internet service, and learned writing abilities.  With my honesty, a decent picture of myself, and samples of my writing ability, I built my clientele through word-of-mouth.  

As the income gap continues to widen, what are you going to do differently to change your financial freedom and to emancipate yourself from professional bondage?  Will you continue to slave away, 40-hours per week (at least) at a job you hate?  Or will you ignore this inaccurate value system of this naive culture and follow your passions to find and/or create work you authentically enjoy?  Ask Warren Buffett, everyone should diversify their portfolios.  Well Mr. Buffett is referring to investments.  But what about your investments in yourself and your financial future?  How can you diversify the types of different income streams flowing into your household every month?  Are you willing to be your own man or woman and fully control your own earning power and happiness?  Are you willing to discover and use the talents and skills that God has blessed you with to support your family and to enjoy life thoroughly?  I am.  

Only an idiot would continue to do the same thing with hopes of getting different results.  Do not be that idiot.  Change and the willingness to adapt is the best option for reaching holistic, financial, personal, and professional success and living the life you deserve and desire.  

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